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Die Leave-Kampagne nutzt die Angst vor Immigration und versucht offenkundig mit Sorgen und Fremdenfeindlichkeit die Wahl zu gewinnen, und es funktioniert. Die Debatte ist so tief gesunken, dass die Vorteile für das Verlassen oder den Verbleib in der EU kaum mehr diskutiert werden. Im 21. Jahrhundert müssen wir uns gegen Panikmache im Zusammenhang mit Migration wehren, so wie wir es neulich in London getan haben, als wir einen muslimischen Bürgermeister [den Labour-Politiker. 6. A Remain vote will be seen in Brussels as a capitulation. Look at it from the point of view of a Euro-federalist. Britain would have demanded trivial reforms, failed to secure even those, and. Vote Leave has focused on economic arguments against the European Union, while Leave.EU has made more of immigration-related issues. This has led to situations where Vote Leave and Leave.EU statements have contradicted each other, and sometimes to direct attacks by one pro-Brexit group against the other We will be in charge of our own borders. A major argument for Vote Leave is that the EU is still expanding, with five more countries wanting to join. 3. We can control immigration. Anybody in the. Vote leave ran the better campaign and have shaken up the establishment, writes Sebastian Payn

Vote Leave: ein eigennütziger und selbstbezogener Schritt

Secondly, Vote Leave has lost the argument on the economy. It has been steamrollered by a constant stream of reports from the Treasury and bodies like the IMF and the independent Institute for. Just as crucially, it suggested Leave's central argument that the UK cannot control the number of people coming into the country while remaining in the EU really hit home We need to Vote Leave on June 23, and in the meantime we must deal with the three big myths that are peddled by the Remain campaign. The first is the so-called economic argument. The Remainers accept that there is a loss of political independence, but they claim that this trade-off is economically beneficial

Brexit-Kampagne Vote Leave muss Strafe zahlen Die führende Wahlkampfkampagne für den EU-Austritt Großbritanniens soll das Ausgabenlimit enorm überschritten haben. Noch ist unklar, ob gegen die.. Leave. Because EU law is supreme over UK law, we cannot vote out those who make our laws. The UK can also be outvoted in the Council of Ministers - the main forum for decisions - where the. Almost 52 percent of Britons voted in favor of leaving. Although the leave campaign often focused on emotional arguments about immigration, there are in fact many reasons those in favor of.. It turns out the Leave campaign would say anything to win, including peddling outright lies. First off, the damage to the British economy caused by Brexit will dwarf anything saved from cancelling (or, more likely, lowering) Britain's EU membership fee. Plus, the £350 figure on the side of the bus was always rubbish; the UK's contribution to the EU is less than half that figure (£137 million per week). Also, any so-called savings would likely be distributed across several public.

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'A vote for leave will be a vote to cut immigration' When the near-record net migration figure of 333,000 was published on 26 May, Johnson said he was pro-immigration but the figure showed there.. Brexiteers argued that leaving the EU would result in an immediate cost saving, as the country would no longer contribute to the EU budget. In 2016, Britain paid in £13.1bn, but it also received. Vote Leave has ignored the fact that Britain and the EU would also need to negotiate an agreement that covers many other matters that are unrelated to trade, as part of the Brexit process. They have ignored corrections sent to them on this subject and they remain ignorant of Britain's future need to cooperate with the EU on inter-agency matters. Examples include things such as medicines, trademarks and aviation safety, air traffic control activity, European single sky agreement. Arguments for and against the UK's membership of the EU have presented a dizzying variety of claims which leave voters in danger of an information overload..

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The Leave victory was not about objective demographics alone. Matters of identity were equally, if not more strongly, associated with the Leave vote - particularly feelings of national identity and sense of change over time. Voters not persuaded by arguments about economic risks The Leave campaign resonated more strongly with the public. There was a greater sense o It is argued that older voters were more likely to vote 'leave' due to having experienced life in the UK prior to 1973, when the UK joined the European Economic Community which later became the EU, and this memory as well as any potential nostalgia may have influenced their decision. It is also argued that national identity is another reason older people voted Leave. Additionally, it is argued that some older people view immigration as a threat to national identity and culture. In the Brexit vote, as in any referendum, the risk assessment depended primarily on the campaign strategies of the two main campaigns. These strategies helped voters understand the risks involved in the choice. Voting against the status quo for an uncertain future outside the EU was made easier for a critical section of society because the pro-Leave arguments strongly suggested that remaining. Both the official Leave ('Vote Leave') and Remain ('Britain Stronger in Europe') campaigns utilized key aspects of the successful Obama Model developed during the 2008 and 2012 US Presidential Elections - more specifically big data mining, data analytics, micro-targeting and social media - in an attempt to identify and then mobilize their respective supporters. the Leave campaign. If we vote Leave a gaping chasm will open up and, as UKIP's Nigel Farage has admitted, we have 'absolutely no idea' what will happen. Whichever side you're veering towards, there's no g

Auch auf Ihren Flyern steht Vote Leave, take back control, Übernehmen Sie wieder Kontrolle. Kontrolle über die britischen Gesetze, über die Grenzen, über innere Sicherheit. Und somit gegen. Goldman Sachs: A surprise vote to leave the UK could hit sterling by as much as 20 per cent, according to estimates by Goldman Sachs, an investment bank.. The worst-case scenario from the bank has. Prior to the referendum vote, the Vote Leave campaign demonstrated that a constitutional argument could be framed and communicated in a way that could cut through. Restoration of sovereignty ('take back control') was central to the Vote Leave campaign narrative. However, in the post-referendum period, the government has struggled to find a way of communicating the message that leaving the. But only Vote Leave has been given £600,000 in public funds - to pay for a free mailshot to every household in the UK and to put on TV broadcasts - and only Vote Leave is allowed to spend up to.

Their desire to leave the EU is not motivated by rational argument, but by neo-conservative ideology. The political far right, is traditionally nationalistic, sovereignist, and anti big-government. This is true in the UK and the USA, just as it true in other countries. Throughout Europe, far-right parties are anti-EU, and looking forward to a Brexit for inspiration. Paradoxically, the same goes for a number of parties of the far left, for whom the EU is a tool of capitalism and big business Vote leave, take control is an undeniably catchy slogan. But its very simplicity — and the implication that EU membership is all that stands opposed to a pristine British notion of sovereignty — does a disservice to the complexity, not to mention the momentousness, of the decision that the British electorate must take today From the first day of the referendum campaign, the Vote Leave campaign believed Brexit was a possibility. It is hard to dispute that Vote Leave ran a far superior campaign to their pro-EU rivals.

The Vote Leave campaign is adapting its tactics and focusing on immigration, as a series of polls suggest momentum may be building for the Remain side Johnson's decision to join the Vote Leave cause was seen as a potential game changer by the group's leaders. He has ruled out a head-to-head TV debate with David Cameron, the man he one day hopes. Sir John also attacked Vote Leave's depressing and awful arguments on immigration, including the suggestion that 88 million Turkish people could flood into the UK if Turkey was given the right. Sir John Major accuses Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith of exaggerating their arguments to leave the EU - but Vote Leave says he is wrong

EU Referendum: Five reasons to Vote Remain and Vote Leave

  1. Prior to the referendum vote, the Vote Leave campaign demonstrated that a constitutional argument could be framed and communicated in a way that could cut through. Restoration of sovereignty ('take back control') was central to the Vote Leave campaign narrative. However, in the post-referendum period, the government has struggled to find a way of communicating the message that leaving the EU with a deal would empower ordinary citizens
  2. Analysis by think-tank NIESR suggests that wages could drop between three and six per cent if we vote Leave. 3. Trade and business. Our membership of the EU means every business in the country.
  3. T he debate about the UK's membership of the European Union has turned in large part upon the notion of control, vote leave, take control being the pro-Brexit campaign's mantra. The idea that there has been a loss of control, and that the UK is increasingly governed from Brussels by an unelected, unaccountable elite, has fired the public imagination, giving the Leave campaign real traction. So too has the argument that control should be wrested from the EU by.
  4. The key messages of the Leave campaign were 'Take Back Control', particularly over immigration policy, while the key messages of the Remain campaign were the economy and the risks associated with Brexit. The Leave campaign had 554,297 'likes' on Facebook, while the Remain campaign had 561,277 'likes'. Both campaigns spent millions of pounds on Facebook and online advertising. The head of Labour In for Britain, a separate campaign to that deployed by Britain Stronger in Europe.
  5. g EU referendum is seen on the roadside near Charing south east of London on June 16, 2016. Britain goes.
  6. Another key argument for leave voters is lack of trust in David Cameron and his government (A lot of lies from Dave). We know from other referendums on European integration that lack of trust in the incumbent government can boost the Eurosceptic vote. Figure 1: Main arguments for remain and leave voter
  7. An Open Letter on Why We Should Vote Leave on 23 June It is now four months since the beginning of this referendum campaign when I declared my support for a Leave vote on Thursday

How Vote Leave won the EU referendum Financial Time

  1. Pro und Contra zum Brexit - das sind die Argumente der Lager Pro Brexit Kosten Die Kampagne Vote Leave hat errechnet, dass die EU das Land 350 Millionen Pfund pro Woche koste - mehr als 450.
  2. gs into an argument about whether we should propose a second referendum on the substance of the deal and accused us of not really wanting to leave the EU. A carefully orchestrated attempt to make peace was turned into an ugly showdown, and Farage's eventual successor Paul Nuttall was left to try to calm things down by offering to mediate between the two.
  3. Research also found that Vote Leave supporters were more motivated by emotional arguments, rather than political or economic reasoning. Dr Steven Kettell, associate professor in politics and international studies at the University of Warwick, explained: Such quasi-religious narratives worked to heighten the intense emotional fervour around Brexit and led many of its adherents to distance.

I would add a fourth -the disgraceful argument that all 'older' people who voted Leave are 'Empire fantasists and closet (or not so closet) racists' and/or who are engaged in a an. The Leave vote is also misunderstood as a racist backlash against immigrants. This perception was produced in part by the anti-immigration Leave campaign; voters' own identification of immigration as being a top reason for supporting Leave; and by a brief post-referendum spike in hate crimes. However, the often unhinged commentary around this ignores a secular decline in racism and fails to. Mr Farage has said Vote Leave is making Westminster-based business arguments and that only Leave.EU/Grassroots Out will be able to reach outside to wider audiences. Leave.EU has said its rival. Yet Vote Leave, the best funded, best backed and most credible campaign group for a leave vote in the EU referendum, by its own admission, is not prioritising immigration as a major issue

Having lost the argument on the economy, Vote Leave has

Mr Farage welcomed the formation of Vote Leave, which is backed by the Business for Britain and Conservatives for Britain groupings. He said he supported their pro-business arguments and that. Am Sonntag spricht die Leiterin der Vote Leave-Kampagne und Labour-Abgeordnete Gisela Stuart in den Kammerspielen. Hier erklärt sie im AZ-Interview die Gründe für das Brexit-Votum Leaving with a deal in place would also prevent the uncertainty that surrounds leaving on WTO terms. Argument against: staying inside the single market and customs union is regarded by many as a betrayal of the referendum result. By staying in the single market and customs union, the UK would be liable to EU rules and legislation regarding the free movement of goods, services and people across borders. Plus, it could put the UK in the dangerous position of still having to accept EU economic.

We need to Vote Leave on June 23, and in the meantime we must deal with the three big myths that are peddled by the Remain campaign. The first is the so-called economic argument Yet another argument is that the Leave result was really about culture and values Despite all evidence-based research by academic institutions and think thanks, potential economic damage was not a convincing argument for those who voted 'Leave' - a fact which remains in place to this day. As an example, a recent YouGov poll asking respondents whether they believe that a no deal Brexit would lead to very high debt in the UK, as was found by a study from the Institute for.

The European Union (EU) Referendum has seen both sides of the debate try to win over sceptical voters. Over two blogs, I will highlight the case for both arguments. This blog will focus of the arguments for Leaving the EU (these arguments are from a socialist and progressive perspective and not those of UKIP or the Conservatives) Staying in does not mean staying the same and a vote to leave - far from being the risky choice - is actually the safe one. Finally Hannan demonstrates that Britain doesn't have to stay in the EU to remain at the heart of Europe and considers the global role a confident nation freed from EU strictures could play A referendum is the only way to bring closure to this bitter debate. If the country voted to stay in the EU then no political party would wish to re-open the issue for the foreseeable future since it has proved so toxic to everyone. If the country voted again to Leave, then the membership question would be dead. Without a referendum there is a danger of the argument continuing for years to come There are economic risks if we leave, economic risks if we remain. I don't think there will be a recession as a result of a vote to leave Nigel Farage offered an olive branch to Vote Leave, saying he could work with them as they had accepted his argument that immigration must play a more central role in the debate

Eight reasons Leave won the UK's referendum on the EU

Boris Johnson: The liberal cosmopolitan case to Vote Leave

  1. Should Great Britain indeed vote to leave the EU, Scotland could call for another independence referendum such as the one that failed in 2014. Scotland could then apply for EU membership on its.
  2. That, clearly, is not the argument of the voices calling to leave. As with Eurosceptics across the EU, their story is about liberation and history. Quitting the sclerotic, undemocratic EU, the.
  3. Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler was among those who expected Remain to win the EU referendum. Yet on 23 June 2016, a majority in the UK voted to Leave by a margin of 52-48%. A study of over 450 Leave voters, based on the MINDSPACE framework, looks at whether behavioural factors affected the outcome and at what lessons could be learned for any future votes
  4. Brexit: Why Britain Voted Leave. Arguments about the UK's Brexit referendum were framed in terms of the UK's global economic Now Is the Time: Why We Must Refuse to Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils. Anyone who hopes to see a major shift among the major parties has to ask The End of the Utilitarian Argument for Trump. If you have been tempted by the utilitarian, lesser-of-two-evils.
  5. Britain has voted to leave the European Union after a bitter campaign that led to a stunning roller-coaster ride as results poured in Thursday. The British pound was hammered on Asian markets.

We will leave measurement for another day, for so much is unclear about hows/whens/ifs of Brexit. Instead we will bring together a line of comments and arguments that have emerged in the wake of the Brexit vote that revolve around five key terms: populism, nationalism, imperialism, fragmentation and inequality. These terms are inherently linked. Vote Leave has worked hard to conflate these two seperate question in the last few hours. But ultimately, the court ruling today is a separate matter from the fine and police referral in July

The volunteer-run campaign's stated objectives include bringing legal action against Vote Leave leaders, who based their arguments on fraud, misconduct in public office, undue influence and. Trump's vote increased so much because, according to exit polls, he performed far better with many key demographic groups. Ninety-five percent of Republicans voted for him. He did extraordinarily well with rural male working-class whites.He earned the highest share of all minority votes for a Republican since 1960. Trump grew his support among black voters by 50 percent over 2016. Nationally.

While the decision of a Brexit is being celebrated by Leave campaigners, the 48% who voted to remain in the EU are left asking: Why is Brexit such a good idea What does the Leave side base their arguments on and what is the best argument of those who think Britain should stay a member of the EU? The problems really do vary according to voter. For some, sovereignty is the key issue - the right to determine our own laws. For others, it's the economy. Other people are concerned about security. The trick for the Vote Leave campaign, then, is to take. Wahlergebnisse des Referendums über den Verbleib des Vereinigten Königreichs in der Europäischen Union.. Für einen EU-Austritt stimmten 51,9 % der Wähler (etwa 17,4 Millionen bzw. 37,4 % der wahlberechtigten Bürger). Für einen Verbleib in der EU stimmten 48,1 % (etwa 16,1 Millionen bzw. 34,6 % der wahlberechtigten Bürger) So if you are going to vote Leave, you need to acknowledge that economics is the weakest part of the Brexit case. Rather, you're voting on an important point of principle that trumps economics. Arguments could be raised against declaring the referendum result void. First, it could be argued that 'Remain' broke the rules in its campaign. Credible evidence of this does not exist. But if something did transpire, this would make the vote even more corrupt. Two wrongs make everything wrong

Brexit-Kampagne ″Vote Leave″ muss Strafe zahlen Aktuell

The idea that welfare cuts galvanised Vote Leave risks identifying the wrong culprit Economically disadvantaged, anti-immigration voters helped secure the vote to leave the European Union and could make a big difference to electoral politics in Britain - if they continue to. 17th July 2018 at 12:25 pm Paul Denney says: Vote Leave cheated, according to The OHCHR The vote must be declared invalid where irregularities could have modified the (negative or positive) outcome of the vote.. We are signatory's to the OHCHR, by it's rules Brexit is invalid. OHCHR.ORG Here are five positive reasons why women should vote to leave the EU: Lower prices. Out of the EU, food, energy and petrol will all fall and wages will go up. We would also be able to welcome back.

We must leave the European Union so that not only can wages increase for British workers but so that living standards rather than declining can start going up. The wellbeing of those living and. Vote Leave director admits they won because they lied to the public Buried in a 19,800 word Spectator essay written by former online editor and Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings is an admission. Why Vote Leave: Part 2 - The Economic Argument Current Affairs . In the run up to the referendum I intend to post a blog each Sunday detailing the reasons why Britain will be better off outside the European Union. These posts will cover the following topics: the economy, influence, democracy, security, the environment, cost, and reform. Its's the economy, stupid, to paraphrase Bill. If we Vote Leave, we will be able to increase funding to science and still save billions - Vote Leave (4) More money in your pocket Wages will be higher for working people outside the EU because pay will no longer be undercut by uncontrolled migration

EU Referendum: Leave and Remain arguments head to head on

England & Wales's High Court has ruled that Vote Leave broke campaign spending limits in addition to the way that the Electoral Commission previously said they did. Adam Ramsay TAKE control is the main slogan of the Vote Leave campaign. Indeed, the argument that Britain has lost sovereignty, and even its democracy, by being in the European Union is at the heart of. True: 'Leave won because 1) three big forces created conditions in which the contest was competitive, AND 2) Vote Leave exploited the situation imperfectly but effectively, AND 3) Cameron.

Brexit: the 7 most important arguments for Britain to

  1. Vote Leave have a history of antagonism towards the UKIP leader, repeatedly refusing to join forces with his Brexit campaign, Leave.eu in a bid to secure the common goal of seeing Britain disengage from the EU. Surreal: Vote Leave threaten to sue ITV over the Farage/Cameron debate June 7th. https://t.co/cM16KF3lNt. But the public want to hear Nigel
  2. Vote leave, be free again 1) We'd get our money back Business For Britain, a pro-Leave group, reckons 65 per cent of new British laws are made in Brussels. The House of Commons Library says.
  3. In the latest poll of polls on May 3, the contest was a dead heat, with Remain and Leave tied at 50 percent of the intended vote share. The Leave campaign's call to voters to take back control.
  4. During the campaign, the Leave supporters focused heavily on immigration. They argued that free movement in the EU meant Britain loses control of its borders. EU membership allowed citizens from.
  5. How does the Vote Leave campaign intend to win the EU referendum?From the off, it insisted that it would paint an optimistic vision of what Britain would look like after a vote to exit the bloc

A lot of people have fought hard for the right to vote and voting is a big part of democracy. If they don't think their vote will make a difference, explain that polls have been super close in the past and every vote is important. Make sure you make your argument calmly and politely so you don't frustrate the person. Keep in mind that it's ultimately their choice if they don't want to vote and it's not worth having an argument over Vote Leave also had in effect a two-level campaign, in which often lurid propaganda, much of it undercover, ran alongside the campaign figureheads' abstract arguments about sovereignty and. Vote Leave's campaign director, Dominic Cummings, now the Prime Minister's right-hand-man, thought AIQ was very important. For it was AIQ's job to organise the delivery of mainly Facebook adverts in the final crucial five days, to quote Cummings, of the referendum campaign. This was considered so crucial, in fact, that Vote Leave channelled some of its own funding - totalling £. (3) We also said that even if Vote Leave and BeLeave were not spending together a single pool of money, if Vote Leave donated its money or services of Aggregate IQ it had commissioned to BeLeave that money or the cost of those services would count towards Vote Leave's spending cap. If we are right, the inevitable result will be that Vote Leave spent more than Parliament permitted it to spend

Christopher's Expat Adventure: Brexit Results

Arguments for and against Britain leaving the EU

The vote to leave also raises fundamental questions about how immigration policy will be designed for prospective migrants in the years to come. At this point, the future of UK migration policies is far from clear. Possible options range from no change at all to a complete upheaval of the immigration system. On one hand, it is possible that the UK could join the European Economic Area and. The man who led Vote Leave now has the ear of the UK's prime minister. viksof/Shutterstock July 12, 2019 Brexit: it's not just where Britain's going that matters, but how it gets ther The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced an investigation into the activities of Vote Leave, which campaigned for Brexit during the 2016 EU referendum. This could prove hugely embarrassing for government ministers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, who fronted the campaign Continue reading Dear happy democratic voter, whatever it is you voted for, you won't get it because the promises made by the various self-serving turn-tails who ran the Leave campaign have no validity and contradict each other. You've headed our country to the corrupt elite with a red ribbon around it. Don't alienate everyone in your self-satisfied strutting frenzy. You'll need someone to turn to when the penny drops about what you've done to yourself, your family and your country

John Major branded ‘bitter’ and ‘vengeful’ as Tory

The leave campaign made three key promises - are they

The former boss of the Vote Leave campaign, Dominic Cummings, admits that Remain would have won without the claim that the 350 million would go back to the NHS. The UK Statistics Authority wrote to Vote Leave during the campaign stating the claim was, 'misleading and undermines trust in official statistics'. The claim excluded the UK's rebate, as well as payments received by the UK from. Labour's argument that the messaging on the customs union was inconsistent also rests on a speech by prominent Leave campaigner Michael Gove, in which he said: There is a free trade zone stretching from Iceland to Turkey that all European nations have access to, regardless of whether they are in or out of the euro or EU. After we vote to leave we will remain in this zone The same argument is put in Tory marginals where Labour or the Liberal Democrats are snapping at the heels of Tory MPs on the basis that splitting the Leave vote will hand the seat over to the best-placed Remain challenger. Tactical voting by Remainers might add to this possibility. As a result of these calculations, a great deal of pressure via the media is being put on Nigel Farage and.

Brexit: what are the pros and cons of leaving the EU

UK. 'It was NATO' - EU's anti-Brexit WW2 argument brilliantly dismantled by ex-Vote Leave boss. BREXITEER Daniel Hodson brilliantly debunked the anti-Brexit argument the European Union has been. Vote Leave won 51.9% of votes in the EU referendum, with a standard deviation of 10.4% across UK local authority areas. A total of 46.5 million voters were registered, and 72.2% of these turned out. Thus, 17.4 million voted for Leave and 16.1 million for Remain. These numbers correspond to 37.4% and 34.7% of eligible voters, respectively. Figure 1 presents a map of the support for the Leave.

Let’s say, for arguments sake, that trump was as bad as he

The argument goes that, the referendum being advisory and Brexit being bad, MPs should refuse to follow the result. Some MPs agree. But some people who support leaving the EU say there's plenty of evidence that the referendum was politically binding. They say that the referendum process sent clear instructions to MPs that they should support the decision made by a majority of voters. There was no bounce for them — quite the opposite, said one person involved with Vote Leave. Afterwards our poll ratings went up. Obama's highest numbers were among the young voters Remain knew was with them but feared wouldn't vote — a YouGov poll taken during the vote showed 75 percent of voters 18-24 were with Remain, as opposed to 39 percent among voters 65 and older Why the left should vote to leave the EU Aaron Bastani gives his 4 reasons why the EU can't be relied upon for democracy, social justice and freedom. Let us know your thoughts in the Youtube comments and on the hashtag #IMOBastani, Aaron will be responding and talking again about the issue closer to polling day There is no evidence that the 2010 vote represents a historic 'base' that will return to the Lib Dems. We were sent the very same arguments at length in 2017, but the Lib Dems' 2017 result (7.4%) was nowhere near their 2010 vote, and in fact slightly fell compared to 2015 (7.9%). What about Leave/Remain votes in the EU referendum

Handout Vortrag Brexit Campaign - English for MarketingHouses Rent Starkville - Kaf Mobile Homes | #67713Should Catalonia be an independent state? - netivistLabour 'will be CRUSHED if they accept free movement ofART vsMedieval Period Was Warmer Than Expected | Antarctica Journal

Toyota could take legal action against the Vote Leave campaign after its logo was used in promotional material for the UK's forthcoming EU referendum.. A leaflet delivered to voters used Toyota. We are trying to ensure that those who already believe in Brexit actually turn up to vote - so, those who already agree with us - and convince the swing voters to Vote Leave - persuading others to join our fight. The key difference is that with Vote Leave, we are trying to build coalitions across a much broader base. That means talking to people from right across the political spectrum - the Green Party, trades unions, farmers, Conservatives, Ukip, free marketeers and socialists. It. In the case of Vote Leave, it looks like their malaise of political confabulation has no cure: It is deceptive politics as normal in their world. I hope however that Leave.EU can be cured of their strand of confabulation aka bullshit production. You can't argue with it on both sides: They'll just switch from one object not listen to the arguments in detail that disprove it and move. Vote Leave's grubby Protest Shows They're Already Losing The Argument! Monday 9th November 2015 Pimlico Plumbers What a cheap stunt, getting a couple of 19 year olds to the PM at the CBI conference this morning! Which is why I totally agree with Britain Stronger In Europe boss, Will Straw, when he called the Vote leave farce a 'grubby protest', which shows just how desperate the out campaign.

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