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Plugins are standalone extensions to Nagios Core that make it possible to monitor anything and everything with Core. Plugins process command-line arguments, perform a specific check, and then return the results to Nagios Core. They can be compiled binaries (written in C, C++, etc) or executable scripts (shell, Perl, PHP, etc) The Nagios Plugins Development Team is proud to announce that nagios-plugins 2.3.0 has been released and is available for download. Enhancements: Added a plugin remove_perfdata to remove perfdata from another plugin's output; Added a plugin check_ssl_validity which verifies a certificate through CRL or OCS Plugins allow you to monitor anything and everything with Nagios - databases, operating systems, applications, network equipment, protocols and more! Submit Your Nagios Project! Help build Nagios Exchange for yourself and the entire the Nagios Community by your Nagios project to the site

Nagios Plugins Downloads Stable Release. The current stable Nagios Plugins release is 2.3.3. You can grab the source tarball from here: nagios-plugins-2.3.3.tar.gz ; See the release history for an overview of changes between earlier versions. Old releases can be found in the download area. Nagios::Monitoring::Plugi Was sind Nagios Plugins eigentlich überhaupt? Anders als viele andere Monitoring-Programme besitzt Nagios keinerlei eigene Mechanismen, um den Status von Systemen und Netzwerkdiensten zu überprüfen. Diese Aufgabe überlässt es externen Anwendungen, den Nagios Plugins This is the list of Nagios plugins I developed or modified for the enterprise monitoring environments. All are made available under the GPL license for free re-use and further improvements. The plugins have been tested to be working with Nagios version 3.x and work with the latest Nagios version 4.x Operating System Monitoring Plugins

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Plugins are compiled executables or scripts (Perl scripts, shell scripts, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.) that can be run from a command line to check the status or a host or service. Nagios Core uses the results from plugins to determine the current status of hosts and services on your network Coverity is a tool used to statically analyze C\C++ code and determine possible vulnerabilities, bugs, and usage errors. Nagios-Plugins considers these items to be extremely important for proper code coverage and longevity. It should be noted that a Passed, does not mean that all Coverity reported issues have been resolved, instead that the latest build submitted did not have any newly found issues, and may or may not have eliminated previously found issues. We use several. Plugins act as an abstraction layer between the monitoring logic present in the Nagios daemon and the actual services and hosts that are being monitored. The upside of this type of plugin architecture is that you can monitor just about anything you can think of. If you can automate the process of checking something, you can monitor it with Nagios

Nagios Plugins is the common suite of plugins used by products such as Nagios XI, Nagios Core, NRPE Nagios-Plugin Übernahme. Am 15. Januar 2014 wurde ohne Rücksprache die Webseite des bis dahin unabhängig geführten Nagios-Plugins-Projekts auf Webserver der Nagios Enterprise LLC umgezogen. Das bisherige Team nannte sich daraufhin in Monitoring-Plugins um und führt das Projekt seither auf monitoring-plugins.org fort. Als Grund hierfür nannte Ethan Galstad eine vorangegangene Auseinandersetzung der Nennung von Nagios-Forks (Naemon, Icinga und Shinken) auf der Nagios-Plugins-Webseite

Nagios verarbeitet die Plugin-Ergebnisse um den aktuellen Status der Hosts oder der Services in Ihrem Netzwerk festzustellen. Nein, Sie kommen ohne die Verwendung von Plugins nicht aus - ohne sie ist Nagios nutzlos. Beschaffen von Plugins. Die Entwicklung von Plugins für Nagios wird über SourceForge abgehandelt Die Freiheiten bei der Programmierung eines Nagios Plugins haben dafür gesorgt, dass Erweiterungen für die verschiedensten Geräte, Programme, Systemprozesse, Protokolle und sonstige Dienste entwickelt worden sind (und auch weiterhin werden). So gibt es u. a. Plugins für: HTTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, SSH, DHCP CPU-Auslastung, Festplatten- und Arbeitsspeichernutzung, aktive Nutze

Services within LibreNMS provides the ability to leverage Nagios plugins to perform additional monitoring outside of SNMP. Services can also be used in conjunction with your SNMP monitoring for larger monitoring functionality. Services must be tied to a device to function properly Nagios XI is extremely flexible, perhaps more flexible than most people realize!. To showcase the flexibility of Nagios XI, President and Founder of Nagios - Ethan Galstad, has developed the plugin Doomsday Check to monitor an arbitrary doomsday date (of your choosing) with customizable warning and critical thresholds.. Although this plugin may not be very practical in a networking. The Monitoring Plugins Project. We, the Monitoring Plugins Development Team, maintain a bundle of more than fifty standard plugins for Icinga, Naemon, Nagios, Shinken, Sensu, and other monitoring applications.Each plugin is a stand-alone command line tool that provides a specific type of check. Typically, your monitoring software runs these plugins to determine the current status of hosts and. Nagios SNMP Plugins =================== What is it? ----------- These are two plugins to be used with Nagios. They should still work with NetSaint, but as this is now really ancient, I don't support Netsaint any longer. You also need the Net SNMP Daemon in a reasonable new version

Download nagios-plugins packages for Alpine, ALT Linux, Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Mageia, NetBSD, openSUSE, Slackware, Ubunt In this post, I will show you how to install the Nagios Plugins on Debian 10. Nagios is perhaps the most complete solution for network and equipment monitoring on Linux. It has everything you need to do the job properly. However, once it is installed it lacks the plugins that give the application real utility. With these plugins, you will be able to monitor many events in the server as well as. A Nagios Plugin to monitoring SAP HANA and SAP HANA2. This turns you Nagios into a powerfull monitoring for SAP HANA. This Plugin Version 4.0 allows to monior - CPU-, Memory- and Volume Usage - Running Services, - Alerts - Backups - Replication status - License (Valid and Usage) EULA, Description, Youtube, Support License fee CHF 4,950 The license fee includes - Single. Oracle Plugin Installation Instructions. This document describes how to install Oracle plugins in Nagios XI and how to configure your environment to utilize the Oracle plugins to monitor Oracle databases with Nagios XI. This document is intended for use by Nagios XI Administrators who wish to monitor Oracle databases to ensure their system is.

Download Nagios plugins. Support Knowledgebase. Services. Renew your support and maintenance. Schedule a Quickstart. Contact sales. Popular Resources. Self-Paced Training. Videos. Topics. Products. Nagios XI Nagios Log Server Nagios Network Analyzer Nagios Fusion . Nagios Newsletter. Newsletter Signup. Services & Support. Support Plans Certification Knowledge Base Webinars Support Forums. Nagios check plugins. check_ad - NRPE check plugin for Active Directory: check_duplicity - Monitoring Duplicity log files: check_oracle - NRPE check plugin for Oracle: check_page_update - Check if content of a web page has been updated: check_pdm - NRPE check plugin for processor, disk and memory on Windows: check_printer - Nagios plugin for printer checks from Windows systems : check_rsync. Nagios has a huge library of plugins available at Nagios Exchange. However, in a big environment it is very likely to need some custom checks for specific uses, for instance: Checking on a certain task result, monitoring an in-house developed application, among others

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  1. perl-Nagios-Plugin architectures: aarch64, i586, noarch, ppc64le, s390x, x86_64 perl-Nagios-Plugin linux packages : rpm ©2009-2021 - Packages Search for Linux and Uni
  2. Nagios ist ein äusserst starkes, vielseitiges ond offenes Monitoring System. Ein Hauptgrund ist die Erweiterbarkeit in allen wichtigen Funktionen. Der sichtbare Erfolg ist eine Fülle von frei verfügbaren Add-ons und Plugins. Zur Sicherung einer bestmöglichen Integration von Erweiterungen und der Skalierbarkeit in Enterprise Umgebungen, Dokumentation ist ein Schlüssel. Open Source Software.
  3. nagios-plugins-rabbitmq is a Nagios plugin package that currently has 6 checks to monitor various aspects of RabbitMQ server. This tutorial explains how to install, configure and monitor RabbitMQ Server using check_rabbitmq plugin. 1. Download check_rabbitmq Nagios Plugin. Download Nagios RabbitMQ plugin from here. Or, you can use wget to download it directly to your server as shown below. cd.
  4. Unpacking nagios-plugins-thomas-krenn (from/nagios-plugins-thomas-krenn_0.3-1_all.deb) Setting up nagios-plugins-thomas-krenn (0.3-1) Die vorgeschlagenen Pakete storcli, libfile-which-perl müssen auch installiert werden: :~$ sudo apt-get install storcli libfile-which-perl [...] The following NEW packages will be installed: storcli libfile-which-perl [...] Konfiguration. Das Plugin.

Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser ein Spruch, der sich gerade was Server betrifft sich immer wieder bewahrheitet. Deswegen ist ein ordentliches Servermonitoring das A und O wenn es darum geht, die darauf laufenden Dienste auch immer im Auge zu behalten und schnell einzuschreiten, wenn es einmal wo kracht Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE) ist ein Addon zum Ausführen von Nagios/Icinga Plugins auf einem Linux System. Das Ausführen der Plugins wird durch einen Icinga Server initiiert, der auch die Ausgabe der Plugins auswertet. NRPE kann dann eingesetzt werden, wenn SNMP nicht eingesetzt werden soll bzw. kann.[1] Eine Alternative zu NRPE ist check_by_ssh (vgl

Nagios::Plugin::POP3 - Nagios plugin for checking POP3 Servers. VERSION. version 1.001. SYNOPSIS. Installs the nagios_plugin_pop3 command that can be used as: > nagios_plugin_pop3 --help nagios_plugin_pop3 0.01 This nagios plugin is free software, and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (see http. Nagios Plugin für Messung der Temperatur. Nagios früher NetSaint) ist ein sehr weit verbreitetes Open Source Tool für das System- und Netzwerkmonitoring. Die Kopplung mit der MessPC Software für Linux oder Windows oder mit der Ethernetbox kann über das Protokoll auf TCP Port 4000 oder über SNMP erfolgen. Wolfgang Barth ist in einem Kapitel seines Buches 'Nagios' auf die Zusammenarbeit.

0) Allgemein wichtig 0.1) Konfiguration * Nagios-Verz.- und Kommando-Namen heißen je nach Nagios-Version: + nagios # Allgemein V1/V2 + nagios2 # V2-Plugins (auch bei V3/V4) + nagios3 # V3 + nagios4 # V4 * Die Haupt-Konfigdatei nagios.cfg liegt unter folgendem Verz Remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Nagios XI in Manage Plugins page when uploading plugin with option to convert line endings. Upgrade to Nagios XI 5.8.0 or above. CVE-2020-5790: Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in Nagios XI for SNMP Trap Sender and Manage MIBs admin pages. Upgrade to Nagios XI 5.7.4 or above. CVE. SNMP Memory Monitor for Nagios version 1.1 (c)2004-2006 - Patrick Proy Usage: ./check_snmp_mem.pl [-v] -H <host> -C <snmp_community> [-2] | (-l -x passwd [-X pass -L <authp>,<privp>]) [-p <port>] -w <warn level> -c <crit level> [-I|-N|-E] [-f] [-m] [-t <timeout>] [-V] -v, --verbose print extra debugging information (including interface list on the system) -h, --help print this help. harisekhon/nagios-plugins is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or later which is an OSI approved license. Get the trending Python projects with our weekly report! » Subscribe « Nagios-plugins Alternatives Similar projects and alternatives to nagios-plugins based on common topics and language dev-setup. 0 5,406 0.0 Python macOS development environment setup. This guide will walk you through how to install Nagios Plugins on CentOS 8. Nagios plugins are standalone extensions to Nagios Core that enables Nagios to monitor databases, operating systems, services, applications, network equipment, protocols etc.. To use Nagios Plugins, you need to have installed and Setup Nagios Core server

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nagios plugins free download. openQRM - Cloud Computing Platform openQRM is a web-based open source datacenter management and hybrid cloud computing platform that i The Nagios daemon relies upon plugins for its monitoring and alerting functionality. These plugins, along with your configuration, determine which hosts and services will be checked. Usually, these are active checks, which means that daemon invokes the plugin at regular intervals, and gives it information about what needs to be checked. Then, the plugin performs the check, and reports. Download Nagios 4 debian plugins for free. nagios 4 debian plugins . My edited plugins for Nagios 4 on Debian squeez Nagios NRPE: Plugins sowie nrpe.cfg automatisch auf alle Systeme kopieren. von Unkn0wnUsr; 4. Februar 2020 4. Februar 2020; Um später weitere Änderungen an der nrpe.cfg vornehmen zu können, ohne die Datei auf jedem Server anpassen zu müssen, kann die Datei sowie weitere, per NRPE aufrufbare Plugins, auf alle Systeme automatisiert kopiert werden. Dazu habe ich nachfolgend ein kleines Skript.

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Icinga / Nagios Plugins. GraphDash Module for Icinga 2. This Icingaweb2 module adds a new host Graph Dashboard to the Icinga Web GUI that puts together the most important performance graphs on a single page. This allows for quick visual health checks of a host without the need to click through numerous pnp graphs. The selection and order of graphs to be shown are freely configurable via Web. Monitoring-Plugins für NetApp Das Monitoring-Framework Nagios, sowie dessen Derivate wie Icinga, Shinken oder op5, alarmiert bei Abweichungen vom Normalbetrieb und zeichnet Messwerte auch langfristig auf. Nagios eignet sich auf Grund seiner Flexibilität für die Überwachung komplexer und heterogener IT Infrastrukturen

The NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) plugin allows you to monitor any remote Linux/Unix services or network devices. This NRPE add-on allows Nagios to monitor any local resources like CPU load, Swap, Memory usage, Online users, etc. on remote Linux machines. After all, these local resources are not mostly exposed to external machines, an NRPE agent must be installed and configured on the. Introduction. Perl is a popular programming language that allows you to quickly create scripts and install additional libraries. We have previously covered how to install Nagios monitoring server on Ubuntu 12.10 x64.This time, we will expand on this idea and create Nagios plugins using Perl Then you want to use the Nagios Plugin: check_zypper. Features. checking for patches with update levels security, recommended and optional checking for package updates from all enabled repositories; Return state can be configured depending on patch- or package level; automatic repository refresh before check can be configured ; checks for unofficial packages (from unsupported. Ich habe jedoch ein Nagios-Plugin, das ich wirklich brauche (phpfpm), aber ich kann das Plugin nicht zu check_mk hinzufügen. Auf der Website check_mk heißt es, dass Sie MRPE verwenden sollten. Wenn ich jedoch den Befehl cmk ausführen möchte, beschwert sich mein Betriebssystem, dass der Befehl nicht vorhanden ist. Was schlagen Sie vor, ich könnte Nagios-Plugins von OMD ausführen? Ich.

Versions for nagios-plugins. 444 package(s) known. Repository Package name Version Category Maintainer(s) AIX Open Source Packages: nagios-plugins: 2.2.1--AIX Open Source Package Domain: nagios-wiki.de Möchten Sie diese Domain kaufen? E-Mail: info@houbit.de Impressu

Nagios-Plugins installieren Erforderliche Pakete installieren apt install autoconf bc build-essential gawk gcc gettext dc libc6 libmcrypt-dev libnet-snmp-perl libssl-dev make snmp wget Quelltexte herunterlade Damit NRPE und die Nagios Plugins funktionieren, benötigen sie einen eigenen Benutzer. Ich wähle hier den Namen nagios. Diesen legen wir wie folgt an und vergeben ein Passwort: [bash]useradd -m nagios passwd nagios[/bash] Anschliessend wird der Benutzer noch der Gruppe nagios hinzugefügt [bash]usermod -a -G nagios nagios[/bash] Download und Installation der Nagios Plugins. NRPE verwendet. Install Nagios Plugins. Find the latest release of Nagios Plugins here: Nagios Plugins Download. Copy the link address for the latest version, and copy the link address so you can download it to your Nagios server. At the time of this writing, the latest version is Nagios Plugins 2.1.1. Download it to your home directory with curl Nagios check plugins. For those unfamiliar with Nagios, it is a monitoring system which can execute checks. These checks are scripts and progams which take input (for example, which host to check, tresholds), do a check and then return an exit code and some performance data. The plugins can be in any language, Nagios only cares about the exit.

eBook Shop: Nagios plugins von Jeancarlo Silva als Download. Jetzt eBook sicher bei Weltbild.de runterladen & bequem mit Ihrem Tablet oder eBook Reader lesen The Dell EMC OpenManage Plug-in for Nagios Core provides a proactive approach to data center management that delivers features for monitoring current generations of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers through an agent-free method using Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), Modular infrastructure, Storage and Networking devices We will install the Nagios Core 4.4.x from source, install the nrpe and nagios plugins, and then add host to monitor to the Nagios server. Prerequisites. 2 Ubuntu 20.04 servers Nagios server - hostname: nagios20 with an IP: 172.16..5; Ubuntu client - hostname: client01 with an IP: 172.16..6; Root privileges ; What we will do: Install Packages Dependencies; Install Nagios Core 4.4.6; Install.

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We, the Nagios Plugins Development Team, therefore renamed the Nagios Plugins to Monitoring Plugins. We're not too happy having to make this move. Renaming the project will lead to some confusion, and to quite a bit of work for others and for ourselves. We would've preferred to save everyone this trouble. However, we do like how the new name indicates that our plugins are also used with. Nun habe ich jedoch ein Problem bei meinen RS2211+. Auch auf ihnen Versuche ich nrpe und die nagios-plugins zu installieren. nrpe klappt reibungslos. Nur die nagios-plugins scheitern an der Fehlermeldung, das es kein Paket mit diesem Name gäbe NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios Data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure. NagVis News. NagVis 1.9.25 released 2021-02-22. NagVis 1.9.25 has been released. It comes with a regression fix for 1.9.24 which may end up in corrupted map config files. The release also ships with some other minor bug fixes. For a detailed view on the changes have a look. Solche Nagios Plugins laufen ja grundsätzlich unabhängig von check_mk. Check_mk wird mit der Regel nur gesagt wo/wann und wie das checkplugin genutzt werden soll. Der Rückgabewert des Plugins wird dann bei check_mk angezeigt . Edit: Kleiner Nachtrag ums noch Idiotensicherer zu machen: Die Dateien müssen auch die entsprechenden Rechte-Einstellungen haben! Habe es eben erst wieder gehabt. Installed Packages nagios-plugins.x86_64 2.2.1-9git5c7eb5b9.el7 @epel Available Packages nagios-plugins-all.x86_64 2.2.1-9git5c7eb5b9.el7 epel nagios-plugins-apt.x86_64 2.2.1-9git5c7eb5b9.el7 epel nagios-plugins-bacula.x86_64 5.2.13-23.1.el7 base nagios-plugins-bonding.x86_64 1.4-3.el7 epel nagios-plugins-breeze.x86_64 2.2.1-9git5c7eb5b9.el7 epel nagios-plugins-by_ssh.x86_64 2.2.1-9git5c7eb5b9.

Nagios Core / ˈ n ɑː ɡ iː oʊ s /, formerly known as Nagios, is a free and open-source computer-software application that monitors systems, networks and infrastructure. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications and services. It alerts users when things go wrong and alerts them a second time when the problem has been resolved Nagios Plugins User Name: Remember Me? Password: Slackware This Forum is for the discussion of Slackware Linux. Notices: Welcome to LinuxQuestions.org, a friendly and active Linux Community. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other. Many non Arch systems install the monitoring plugins to /usr/lib/nagios/plugins but Arch installs them to /usr/lib/monitoring-plugins/. It may be helpful to create /usr/lib/nagios and symlink./monitoring-plugins to plugins from that directory. Here's an example of a command invocation run from the command line as the monitoring system's user. Given the note on paths mentioned above this.

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Nagios Installation auf Raspberry Pi. Nagios Open Source Monitoring für die Überwachung komplexer IT-Infrastrukturen.. Nagios besteht aus einer Sammlung von Modulen zur Überwachung von Netzwerken, von Hosts und deren spezifischen Diensten, sowie ein Webinterface um Abfragen der gesammelten Daten darzustellen [me@mymachine ~] yum install nagios nagios-plugins nagios-plugins-nrpe nagios-devel. It'll go ahead and pull down a few other packages for dependencies as well. That's it for installation. Let's move back over to Apache's side for a bit. Configure the Nagios Apache file. Unless you want other options such as SSL configurations or allowing access to the CGI from only certain hosts, then the. NRPE, short for Nagios Remote Plugin Executor, is an agent that allows remote execution of scripts located on the remote host. It allows the gathering of metrics such as system load, disk utilization, and uptime, etc. NRPE Server (agent) and Plugins are installed on the remote host. The agent will wait for check_nrpe request from Nagios Core Server. Once the agent receives the check request it. Percona Monitoring Plugins for Nagios¶ Many of the freely available Nagios plugins for MySQL are poor quality, with no formal testing and without good documentation. A more serious problem, however, is that they are not created by experts in MySQL monitoring, so they tend to cause false alarms and noise, and don't encourage good practices to monitor what matters Wenn Sie Nagios verwenden und eine weitere Komponente benötigen, ist die Installation zusätzlicher Plugins vonnöten. Das ist zum einen zeitraubend und erfordert zum anderen umfassende Linux-Kenntnisse. Freude am Benutzen . So hart wie Jonah Kowall von Gartner es in seinem Blogartikel tut, würden wir es nicht ausdrücken: the level of usability and sophistication of the product (Nagios) is.

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check_http plugin is used to verify the status of HTTP server (or HTTPS) that is running on a remote host. If you've installed Nagios from source, check_httpd command will be located in the /usr/local/nagios/libexec directory. 5 check_http Command Examples 1. Check HTTP. Check whether Apache HTTP is running on a remote server using check_http Nagios plugin is a script which can execute on the Nagios client machine (perl, php, python, bash script). On this artilce we will expand on this idea and create Nagios plugins using Bash. These plugins will be running on nagios client VPS, and be executed via NRPE The Nagios daemon which run checks on remote machines in NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor). It allows you to run Nagios plugins on other machines remotely. You can monitor remote machine metrics such as disk usage, CPU load etc. It can also check metrics of remote windows machines through some windows agent addons Install Nagios Plugins. In order to utilize Nagios monitoring scripts on the target host, install the nagios plugins. If you are running an ubuntu system, install the plugins by running the command below; apt install nagios-plugins. This installs the monitoring scripts to /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ Plugins. Check Available Windows Updates; Check Windows Certificate Expiration; Guides and Tools. Compile and install Nagios with Ansible; Even though the first two plugins relate to Windows my goal will be to target Cisco devices. If you have feedback, suggestions or if something isn't working. Please send me a note

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Nagios-Plugin to check HP's iLO2/3/4 (integrated lights-out) status - check_ilo2_health.pl. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. mbirth / check_ilo2_health.pl. Last active Feb 10, 2021. Star 4 Fork 5 Star Code Revisions 7 Stars 4 Forks 5. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your. Icinga2/Nagios plugin for checking domain expiration. 2914 326 2021-05-03 . Batman Theme (Light) by jschanz. Batman theme for Icinga Web 2. 4915 26 2018-11-14 . Icinga PowerShell Service. No ratings yet . by icinga. This repository provides a Service Binary, allowing to run the Icinga Windows PowerShell module as native Windows service in the background. Nagios::Plugin and its associated Nagios::Plugin::* modules are a family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins. The main end user modules are Nagios::Plugin, providing an object-oriented interface to the entire Nagios::Plugin::* collection, and Nagios::Plugin::Functions, providing a simpler functional interface to a useful subset of the available functionality. The purpose of.

Patch to Nagios Plugins 1.4.15 that extends certificate expiration threshold to allow specifying both warning and critical values. Before this patch only one value could be specified which is days certificate expires when WARNING alerts start to be sent, and CRITICAL alerts are sent when certificate actually expired. With this patch two values can optionally be specified together (as in -C 15. Mailing List help@nagios-plugins.org, 2.11k threads, 5.12k posts, ranked #3448. 2114 Threads 5124 Posts Ranked #3448 First post 2003-04-30 00:04:49 UTC. Mailing List: help@nagios-plugins.org Add new Display options 2 replies. check_pop plugin poodle vulnerability. started 2014-10-19 13:43:42 UTC. 2014-10-20 05:21:08 UTC. B 1 reply. started 2014-10-15 18:24:42 UTC. 2014-10-15 19:39:41 UTC. As for plugins they go in the/nagios/libexec folder. Ensure you set the owner and execution rights on the plugins so that nagios can run them. The owner should be something like nagios.nagios and the execution rights should be 755. Inspect the settings on other plugins in this folder for your distribution. George nailed it! 0 · · · Tabasco. OP. ProfessorCunningFox Aug 4, 2014 at 12:55.

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nagios plugins. This is a collection of nagios plugins, and other tools, I've written. They're usually not pretty, but you might find them useful. Most of them are intended to run on Centos Linux, or Sun Solaris 5.8 through 5.11, with Nagios 2.1 through 4.1. Most of them are in Perl Based on customer feedback we have decided to add a plugin Galera Cluster for MySQL to our MySQL Nagios/Icinga Plugins. The module checks, if the node is in status Primary and if the expected amount of Galera Cluster nodes is available. If not, a warning or an alarm is returned. The script is written in Perl and is Nagios Plugin API v3.0 compatible check_ad a Nagios NRPE plugin for Active Directory health check. OPTIONS--dc. Checks domain controller functionality by using dcdiag tool from Windows Support Tools. Following dcdiag tests are performed : services, replications, advertising, fsmocheck, ridmanager (not for RODCs), machineaccount, kccevent, frssysvol (2003 or later), frsevent (2003 or later), sysvolcheck(2008 or later. Category: Configuration, Development, Nagios XI, Plugins, Tech Tips and Uncategorized. Closed Tags: Config Wizard, Configuration, Developer Documentation, Documentation, Wizard. Check for XI updates with a plugin. By Tony Yarusso on June 14, 2011. Nagios XI has always had the ability to let you know when updates to the software are available, displaying a message under the Admin area that. Triggered actions - Usually nagios plugins return just an exit code and a line of text, describing the result of the check. Sometimes, however, you want to run some code during the scan every time you got a hit. Check_logfiles lets you call scripts either after every hit or at the beginning or the end of it's runtime

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